Faithful Mission by Flaming Boat, Bible wallpaper and church in Korea

The fruit of that life-giving work of Robert Thomas has given birth to the Pyongyang Great Revival, to millions of Korean saints today, and to more than twenty thousand missionaries sent from Korea to the ends of the earth.

The first blood of martyrs was dropped on the soil of Korea in the death of Robert Jermain Thomas (1839–1866), a Welsh Protestant Christian missionary to Korea. He was born on November 15, 1839, in the village of Rhayader in mid-Wales. His father, Rev. Robert Thomas, Sr., was a beneficiary of the nineteenth century’s great spiritual awakenings in Wales. Reverend Thomas and his family experienced the movement of the Holy Spirit in their church at Rhayader when, in 1841, it grew exponentially. The ministries of such men as Christmas Evans, John Elias, and William Williams of Wern would indeed have played a significant role in influencing the father and, of course, the son—Robert Jermain Thomas—who would glean from his predecessors that the gospel of Jesus Christ needs to be spread both at home and abroad and that missions work was the duty and a high calling of every man.

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