About Praisepin

Hi, my name is Peter and I am a member of the Maitland Evangelical Church, located in Maitland New South Wales Australia. During a small group study in November 2012 we looked at the book of Hebrews and challenged each other about Heb 10:24 "And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds" . The question was asked about how we can encourage each other in the Faith and Praisepin was born!

In developing Praisepin we had two goals, the first to encourage and edify fellow Christians and the second to provide a means for Christian small groups and Churches to easily communicate in a fun way.

As you can see we are still under development, but we would love for you to join us as a Beta user. In this phase we have the core site working, but are still tweaking around the edges a little as we add functionality and streamline how it currently runs. If you have any suggestions please use the contact us form to let us know your ideas.

Our intention is to make Praisepin a family friendly Christian site for spuring each other on in the faith and are currently preparing the user policy to reflect this. As such, our policy will include restrictions on content types, discriminatory or derogatory postings, language, ip, political postings and theological boundaries. Unlike other social networks, we plan to actively moderate user pins for policy compliance and will delete non-compliant pins and ban consistently non-compliant users, for the sake of the whole community.

Our Interim Terms of Use Policy (1-1-13)as follows:

All users who sign up to join Praisepin must accept these terms of use and users who pin posts that do not abide by these guidelines will have their posts removed by the administrator. Any user who consistently breaks these guidelines, at the sole discretion of the site adminstrator, will have their account cancelled, all postings deleted and ip address banned from accessing the site. The site administrators decision is final and no further correspondance will be entered into.

Specifically, users of Praisepin.com must not engage in the following activities on this site:

* Posting or linking to any material which may be considered pornographic, violent or hateful to any other race or people group. Blatent violations of this may result in the instant banning of your account.

* Posting of text containing foul language is prohibited and linking to sites containing foul language must contain a warning in the pin text. The language used on these sites should be mild and in context.

* Post content that you do not own the intellectually property for or are not authorised to post that content. All take-down requests will be promptly acted upon.

* Attempt to hack or gain unauthorised entry to another users account.

* Excessive or unhelpful affliate marketing links.

* Users will only open Church based accounts after they have gained the full authority of that church to do so. If the administrator is suspicious or a user is flagged as being unauthorised in loading that account, the account may be blocked until the user is verified.

* Post pins to campaign for any (including Christian) political causes. Why? Because we want to build up followers of Jesus, not engage in political debate.

* The Golden Rule apply's to Praisepin. No user shall, via any means, put down, use hateful speach, harmful sarcasm and be unloving in any way to other users, specific people or people groups. We don't want to ban passion for things, but we need to love those around us

* Praisepin is a Protestent Christian site established by people with a reformed theology based on the Westminster confession of Faith. We regard the Holy Bible as the inspired word of God (1 Tim) and a full and complete text. As such we will not accept user pages from Roman Catholic, Non-Christian churches, groups or organisations, Jehovah Witness or Mormon Churches. We are happy for people from these backgrounds to become personal users so long as they post based on points of commonality and not of devision.

* We consider God as big and Man as small, he is all knowing, in all things and through all things. He is not someone who can be manipulated, through special words, prayers or actions to achieve our own ends. Posts must reflect this.

So why not join today and become a founding user of a new online Christian community! It will be great to have you onboard,


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